7 Important Reasons That Highlight Why It's Essential To Read Every Day

Atmaj Vyas , 24 Jul 2018
Reading | Image Source: www.shutterstock.com
Reading | Image Source: www.shutterstock.com

Since childhood, we’ve been told that reading is one of the most essential things when it comes to development. While our younger self would just shrug it off, it is only now that we realise why it’s so important. Many people consider books to be a relic of the past but what they don’t realise is, that these relics have so much to offer. There is a lot to learn from them. Sure, times have changed and what is defined as reading has as well. So for the sake of clarity, we’re considering reading as books only. So here are some vital reasons that prove why reading is an absolute essential.

1. Reduce Stress

Most of us live very fast-paced lives and work under a lot of stress. Often times, this stress builds up and we usually don’t know how to reduce it. Reading a book can help you de-stress as it has the ability to transport your mind. It allows you to escape your current reality for a while and this, in turn, helps your mind relax and your tension drain away. There’s a reason why people love reading a book after a long day!

2. Helps With Mental Stimulation

It is always a good thing to keep your brain active and engaged. Keeping your brain sharp is essential in today’s time and reading is something that can help you with that. Reading is like exercise for the brain and just like your body benefits from it, so does your mind. Mental stimulation is something that is gaining a lot of momentum in today’s time simply because of the way most of us live our lives.

3. Helps Expand Your Knowledge Base

The best part about reading books is that it helps you learn new things. It allows you to learn and understand things you’ve probably never heard of or had trouble understanding in the past. Expanding your knowledge base comes in handy, especially in today’s time. You never really know when something you’ve read about may come in handy. So, read up because remember, knowledge is power and it is something that you can pass down.

4. Allows You To Better Your Writing Skills

Along with learning new things, reading also allows you to better your writing skills. Every writer already knows that reading is fundamental to their art. But, it’s not something that only needs to be exclusive to writers. Reading books can help you find your own voice and your own style. When you resonate with someone’s writing, it allows you to open up a new horizon and sets you on a path of exploration. Usually, this helps you better communicate and write your thoughts out.

5. Helps You Increase Your Critical Thinking Skills

In today’s time, one of the most valuable skills to have is critical thinking. While there are many ways one can learn and enhance this, reading is one of the most beneficial. Reading books allows you to explore and learn about things that you may not have encountered in your life. When you do encounter them, you can put the knowledge you’ve gained to use. Reading also helps you learn the importance of analysing the smaller details as many books, have a smaller picture that eventually connects to the bigger one.

6. Expands Your Vocabulary

Having a limited vocabulary isn’t something anyone wants. Sure, you can watch videos and other stuff and kinda pick up on new words. That being said, you’ll find that reading a book is something that will help you far more than watching anything. Expanding your vocabulary helps you be more articulate and well-spoken, which is a benefit no matter the profession. This, in turn, helps you boost your confidence in your own ability and your communication.

7. It Helps You Expand Your Imagination

Having a good imagination is something that will always come in handy to you. It allows you to come up with creative ways to solve problems and tackle issues. A good imagination is a lot like a good sense of humour. People are attracted to it because it makes you unique. Expanding your imagination is something that should always be a priority in life because, without it, you’re going to end up being pretty boring and basic.

Considering all these benefits, do you still think it’s not important to read? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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