There has been more than enough proof that Anushka Sharma is Virat Kohli‘s best cheerleader ever. She has always made it a point to attend every match she could or watch it in between her busy schedule if she’s away. Currently, Anushka is with Virat in England and the couple has not been shy in posting a number of cute pictures of them going around the city and frolicking in the summer sun. But in recent news, we found out that Anushka won’t be able to accompany Virat for his matches anymore. For the Test series, the team management has decided that wives and girlfriends of players will not be allowed till the end of the third test match. They have advised players that they will have to stay away from their wives for close to a month. Sunday was the last day they got to unwind with their loved ones, now they will soon head to Chelmsford in London for a practice game. Other than Anushka, Sakshi Dhoni, Ritika Sajdeh, Aesha Dhawan had also joined their husbands in England.

I’m no fan of cricket, so I wouldn’t know if this is a rule that has always been there. But is it just me who finds this weird that the players have been advised to stay away from their wives or girlfriends? Is it because they can’t have any distractions or because they need stamina? I’m sorry, but it takes me back to when Anushka was blamed for Virat performing badly at one of his matches because she was cheering for him. Remember the hate she got? Isn’t a rule like this only going to aggravate that further?

What are your thoughts?