There comes a time in our lives where we all want a change in our look. Be it a shorter crop or a new highlight, we always get a little flustered in what we want the look to be. Should you go all blonde? Should you get highlights? Or should you go for a natural brunette? The types, colours and choices are endless. But to ease the madness, let’s introduce you to the newest, coolest and easiest to maintain hair colour trend of this year—Bronde.

It’s a mix between a blonde and brunette. It’s where the natural base colour shows through in a subtle and effortless way. The reason why this trend works so well is because the lighter shade enhances one’s features. While the darker would work well with the natural texture of your hair. Thus, giving you the most complementary hair colour! Now of course, depending on your skin tone, the depth of the brunette and blonde colours would vary.

So, take a cue from the images below before you colour your hair!

1. Wear them down with beachy waves

2. Go for a lob crop

3. Focus on the face-framing pieces

4. Wear it poker straight starting at the roots

5. Start from the mid lengths and go lighter at the ends

6. Natural waves go perfectly with this colour

7. A pixie cut crop

8. Make a statement with a layered haircut

9. Feathered highlights

10. Textured layers woven in with the colour

11. Tousled barrelled waves

What’s your fave colour style? Let us know below.

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