Salman Khan To Work With The Indian Lookalike Of GoT's Tyrion Lannister

Shravan Shah , 26 Jul 2018
Tariq Mir, Salman Khan and Peter Dinklage
Tariq Mir, Salman Khan and Peter Dinklage

The internet has the power to change lives, and I’m not kidding. Many on the web have turned stars on the internet and many are on their way. The reason why I’m saying this is because recently a commoner bagged a role in the film and it is again, all thanks to the internet. Remember the time when Imitaz Ali had put up a picture with Peter Dinklage look alike. Netizens had lost their shizz and they couldn’t get over it. Now I just heard that Tariq Mir who looks like Peter has bagged a role in Bharat. Yes, fellas, you heard me right.

For all those who don’t know, Bharat is a remake of Korean film Ode To My Father and stars Salman Khan, Priyanka Chopra, and Disha Patani. The film is being directed by Ali Abbas Zafar and the shooting of this one went on floors recently. Ashley Rebello who is in charge of Salman’s costumes in the film took to Instagram to share a picture with Tariq and trust me, you don’t want to miss it.

Ashley wrote,

As per reports, Tariq will be seen in the circus sequence, the film is shooting.

Initially, a source had revealed to Indian Express that the sequence also included comedian Sunil Grover.

We begin shooting an important sequence that has a circus set up. Since Ali Abbas Zafar is very specific about the details, he roped in Bulgarian gymnasts who will be performing acrobatic moves in this sequence. We will be shooting with Salman Khan, Disha Patani and Sunil Grover.

After Tariq has bagged a  role in the film, I’m waiting for my Bollywood debut. JK.

But hey! A fella can dream, right?

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