12 Random Thoughts That May Cross Your Mind When Bae Doesn't Respond

Atmaj Vyas , 27 Jul 2018
Waiting For A Response (Image Courtesy: Shutterstock)
Waiting For A Response (Image Courtesy: Shutterstock)

Have you ever sat and wondered what the first thought that crosses your mind, in any given situation is? Most of us don’t really pay a lot of attention to those thoughts because they aren’t really relevant. Still, when you actually say them out loud, you realise how funny they actually are. Putting that to the test, we decided to ask people at the MissMalini HQ, what the first random thought that crossed their mind was when their bae didn’t respond. Here are some of those thoughts.

1. His battery probably died… again.

Karishma Govil, our Lifestyle Blogger, tends to think that whenever she doesn’t get a response, it’s probably because his battery died. She also observed that more often than not, his battery is always low if not dead. Relatable much?

2. Stupid f**king Xbox

The first thought that crosses our Senior Beauty Editor, Natasha Patel‘s mind is that her bae is playing that pesky Xbox! Well, I guess someone has their priorities on point, right? *Nervous laugh*

3. Damn PUBG

Our cute little Fashion Intern, Chandni Moolchandani, usually associates her bae’s non-responsiveness to him being addicted to a game. To be fair, it is a really good game and trying to survive till the end requires concentration. Also, is just us or is someone sensing a pattern?

4. He’s probably sleeping because he ate a lot.

Rashmi Bhosale, our Fashion and Beauty Blogger seems to have some highly accurate-yet-random thoughts about the matter. It’s like, random but really, really specific, no?

5. Ahh! The damn service provider is acting up again.

Meriam Ahari, our Fashion & Beauty Director seems to actually have a legit first thought. To be totally honest, this is usually the first thing most of us think when someone doesn’t respond to our calls or texts. Funnily enough, for some odd reason, every time she tries to call her fiance, she can never get through. Dear service provider, why you do this?

6. Meh.

The first thought that crosses our Sales Director, Akansha Joshi‘s mind is… well, nothing really. She just shrugs it off. Can we just take a second to respect how cool she is? Legit goals right there!

7. Honestly, what could possibly be more important than me?

Sheena Makharia, our Client servicing manager knows her value! So hubby dear, you better respond to that text or pick up that call, or else you’re in for some sleeping on the sofa time.

8. Well, I guess I’m going to have to ignore him when he calls back.

Associate Sales Director, Mallika Kulkarni has the perfect approach to a rather annoying situation. Well, she will eventually call back but not before tormenting them a little. Seems pretty fair if you ask us.

9. Oh God, have I already started irritating her?

Sr. Influencer Marketing Manager, Harshad Vesaokar seems to be a little extreme when it comes to his thoughts. Then again, whether you admit it or not, this is a thought we’ve all had at some point or the other. Does anyone actually know what that balance is? The one where you realise how much is too much? Well, let us know if you find it.

10. She’s totally mad at me.

Asif Rizwanullah, the HR Manager has a pretty clear idea why his significant other wouldn’t be responding to him. Honestly, we’d a crack a joke right now, but it’s HR. You don’t mess with HR. Ever.

11. Oh well, f**k you.

Chiara Kay, our new Video Intern, doesn’t really mince her words. Also, just a quick note, she did say that this thought is something only relevant to when she’s mad about something and knows the other person is ignoring her. That being said, this is probably one of the most relatable first thoughts. We’ve all had it, but none of us would admit it.

12. Crap! Did I dial the wrong number again?

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Atmaj Vyas and I’m a Lifestyle Blogger at MissMalini. I think it’s safe to say that I’m kinda ditsy at times. I’m usually pretty zoned out and I’ve ended up having an entire conversation about something, only to realise it was the wrong person. Weird or funny? I wonder.

Well, now you know some of our random thoughts and it’s only fair that we know some of yours. Let us know some of the crazy, funny or bizarre thoughts you guys have when bae doesn’t respond to your calls or texts, in the comments below.

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