We’ve all been through that phase of watching cute romcoms in our PJs, right? Ever watched the movie Going The Distance? If you’re in a long distance relationship, you’ll be able to relate to that movie big time. The struggle is real, we know that already. Honestly, a long distance relationship isn’t for everyone. It’s really tough to sustain it, TBH. If you’re in one, here are a few ways to be in a happy long distance relationship.

1. Send Each Other Gifts

Suprise each other by sending random packages to them with their favourite things they’ve been talking to you about. Don’t just restrict gifts to birthdays and anniversaries.

2. Date Night

Fix one day in the week to video call each other and book both your calendars so you’re free those days. This way you’ll commit to a date every week for sure. Order your favourite food and have a romantic night.

3. Document Your Days

It’s tough to keep track of your day when you’re not physically around each other so the next best thing is to write down everything that happens in the day and take a lot of pictures and send these out to your SO.

4. Good Morning/Night Texts

Never underestimate the power of good morning and goodnight messages. They’ll really make your SO feel important and loved.

5. Phone S*x

Since you can’t do this IRL, no one stopped you from the virtual version. Get saucy with each other while you’re at it.

6. Surprise Them

The best gift for your SO is you! Show up randomly at their doorstep and we’re sure that it’ll make them the happiest!

7. Start Watching A TV Show Together

It really will connect you in a strange but lovely way. You’ll have so much to discuss with each other. Watch it at the same time, so you’d feel like you’re physically together too.

Long distance relationships are really hard, we all know that. Keeping the romance alive could be challenging. But with the above things, you may be able to sustain it for a long time till you guys are reunited in the same city forever!

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