"Not All Muslims Are Terrorists" - Rishi Kapoor On Our Society

Pallavi Manoj , 02 Aug 2018

When it comes to religious or political issues in our country, most celebrities prefer to stay out of things and keep mum. And for good reason, of course, thanks to the intolerance level in our country going way up. Remember what happened when Aamir Khan called India intolerant? But there are always those who take that one brave step to comment on a larger issue and I guess it surely helps when Bollywood celebrities have a movie coming out surrounding an issue. One such celebrity to take the plunge is Rishi Kapoor. While Chintu ji is always known to call a spade a spade, this one might be a risky one

The veteran actor is a part of the upcoming drama movie Mulk that tells the story of a Muslim family fighting to regain their honour in society after one person in the family takes to terrorism.

Talking to Mid-Day about the state of affairs in our country regarding the topic, he said,

There is a general belief that every terrorist is a Muslim. But one has to understand that not all Muslims are terrorists. With Mulk, we are trying to challenge that misguided belief. Muslims are looked upon with a suspicious eye, all over the world. Our film is based on a Muslim family, but it can be true for any community. It’s a human saga that is throwing light on the happenings in our society.

At a time when lynching is on the rise, the actor feels like Mulk is a movie apt for such times, reflecting reality.

Mulk is a film that needs to be seen. The film shows people’s attitude towards each other in society. After all, a country is made by the people living in it. So essentially, we are responsible for what happens here. Lynching has become common these days. The world is progressing, and we are still fighting over communal issues.

Hear hear!

This is one tough topic to crack on screen, the movie is set to release today and we will have to wait and see how it does.

As a cinema lover, I’m glad that there is meaningful cinema like this being made and actors like Rishi Kapoor and Taapsee Pannu are a part of it.

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