8 Upgraded Ponytails To Show Off At A Party

Natasha Patel , 04 Aug 2018

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You know how sometimes you just want to not let your hair down for a party… And I don’t mean in the letting loose kinda way. I mean literally, like you just do not want to leave your hair open, especially when it’s feeling dry or dirty, or just meh. For those times, where you tie your hair up only to regret it after—because either the cute outfit you wore didn’t quite go with the meh ponytail. Or the selfies you took made you look like a school girl… Either way you need to change your way.

Here are 7 styles to take inspiration from that look amazing on ponytails.

1. Wrapped Tuck

2. High Twist

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3. Honeycomb Nest

4. Sleek Bubble

5. Bouffant Bubble

6. Slick Pinning

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7. Cuffed Mess

8. Ribbon Tie

What hairstyle do you love the most? Let us know in the comments below!

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