"At Times You Are Forced To Work" - A. R. Rahman

Shravan Shah , 04 Aug 2018
AR Rahman at Global Citizen India 2016
A.R Rahman

Oscar-winning music director AR Rahman has composed some great timeless melodious. While he still continues to do so, Mr. Rahman has collaborated with Amazon for his show Harmony that celebrates music. Amidst so many film and shows, the musical maestro revealed that even though he may feel exhausted or a block while composing a melody, he can’t stop working.

AR Rahman said,

I can’t afford to have a block. The bank will come knocking saying, ‘give me the mortgage.’ I can’t build schools then. At times you are forced to work and do things.

He also mentioned that the current music scene in India is quite different.

There are some very good music composers working very well but the upper zone of film music has gone to a strange zone. I think Bollywood movie soundtracks are like a motherless child where several music composers are coming on board for one film and composing each song of the film. What they are concerned about is if his/her song is there or not. They are not bothered about the whole story and how all the songs are working in that.

He further explained the reason for saying this.

There is no internal commitment towards the whole film or the story, where one artist is coming on board with his dream, investing his soul and pledging to execute his art through the storytelling. That is missing, I guess. When we look at the overall impact of the music of the film, one would say, ‘Oh that’s not my song, I just composed one song in the film and that is doing well’. You know what I mean?

Harmony which is a five-episode series marks A.R. Rahman’s debut on a streaming service as he explores India’s rich musical heritage through four specially curated instruments and vocal traditions. To add to this musical odyssey, the finale episode culminates into a grand performance by all four musicians along with the musical genius of A.R. Rahman in an extravagant 17-minute long breathtaking ensemble.

I can’t wait to watch this!

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