When it comes to versatility, no one defines it more than Alia Bhatt! Whether she’s playing a student in a fancy, boarding school or a spy for her country, the actress makes us believe in every character. However, we’ve realised that when it comes to makeup, Alia prefers to stick to the classics. Here are 7 looks she’s pulled off in the past 8 months.

1. The Princess Look

This fresh-faced beauty looked absolutely ethereal with oodles of highlighter on her sculpted cheekbones.

2. The Smoked Eye

With her lightly smoked eyes and nude-toned lipstick, the actress nailed a classic look to perfection.

3. The Mono-Tone Look

Doesn’t this look give off major sunset vibes? The peachy-pink shadow and lipstick kept things elegant, whilst those bold brows added a hint of edginess to the entire look.

4. The Traditional Look

From her kohl-rimmed eyes and pink pout, to the flowers in her hair, Alia ticked off every box in her desi girl avatar.

5. The Maybelline Look

Maybelline’s campaign had Alia looking like a gorgeous, bronzed Goddess! Whether it was the shimmery highlight or the nude lip, every aspect of this look was on point.

6. The Polo Look

Whilst the world had their eyes on the actress’ fascinator, we were crushing hard on her simple, yet pretty makeup. The bright pink lip and flushed cheeks gave Alia a playful, yet natural look that we can’t get enough of.

7. The Dewy Look

It’s pretty evident that Alia loves her highlighters. Her shimmer-free glow and mauve lipstick gave off a sophisticated vibe, but it was the brow highlight that had every makeup addict reaching for her highlighter.

Which of these looks did you love the most?

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