Here’s Proof That Anushka Sharma Is Just Like You And Me

Here’s Proof That Anushka Sharma Is Just Like You And Me

Shravan Shah
Anushka Sharma

Very rarely you come across a Bollywood celebrity who stands out and makes you feel that she is one amongst us. Anushka Sharma is that celebrity for me. She is one of the leading ladies of Bollywood and has been doing some great films but when the camera turns off, she is just like you and me. She loves sleeping, spending time with dogs and eating chocolate cookies, just like we do. Her Instagram account is proof that her life is not only about the glitz and glamour but about the little things that give meaning to life and that is what I love about her. She is herself and that makes it easy for Anushka to instantly connect with the millennials.

Don’t believe me, check out the video below!

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Proof That Anushka Sharma Is All Of Us
From her witty comebacks to her love for naps, here's proof that Anushka Sharma's just like us mortals! ?? Which Anushka moment is your favourite?
Posted by MissMalini on Friday, May 4, 2018

I love your spirit Anushka, always be the same!