7 Instagram Hashtags That Will Give You Major Travel Inspiration

7 Instagram Hashtags That Will Give You Major Travel Inspiration

Atmaj Vyas

Being able to travel is literally one of the best things ever! From getting to explore new places to meeting new people and expanding your horizons, travel really does teach you a lot about life. When it comes to planning your trip though, most of us usually get pretty confused. So, to help you get through that and also inspire you, here are 7 hashtags you really need to be following on Instagram!

1. #FromWhereIStand

Have you ever wanted to experience something, but from someone else’s perspective? Well, this hashtag lets you do exactly that! It’s a picture clicked from the perspective of another person and often times, the pictures you get to see on this hashtag are absolutely incredible.

2. #BackPackers

The name pretty much tells you what to expect from this hashtag. It’s basically a place where backpackers around the world share their pictures. This hashtag is also pretty helpful if you’re planning to head out on a solo or budget trip.

3. #MakeMoments

What do you consider a special moment? Well, if you haven’t found one yet, this hashtag will surely give you something to resonate with. Each and every picture (well, mostly) has a story and that’s what makes it super special.

4. #RoadLessTraveled

Again, it’s a pretty self-explanatory hashtag. That being said, some of the pictures on here are actually incredible. It can actually help you get to know places that you probably didn’t know even existed.

5. #SightSeeing

Now before you roll your eyes for this one, this hashtag really isn’t what you think it is. While there are obviously pictures which are touristy, the rest of it is very perspective driven. It’s actually a collection of pictures that people consider special! Trust us, you’ll find a lot of inspiration here.

6. #NightSky

Alright, so this one is a bit of a personal preference. We’re completely obsessed with the night sky. This compilation of pictures has given us so much inspiration along with a lot of #FOMO! If you’re someone who draws inspiration from unconventional sources, then this one is a must follow!

7. #ViewFromTheTop

Well, if you have vertigo, this probably isn’t the best hashtag for you. For the rest, it’s probably one of the best we’ve come across. The breathtaking view you get to experience makes this another one of those must-follow hashtags.

What are some of your favourite hashtags that you follow? Let us know in the comments below.

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