Actor Imran Khan Is Now Receiving Emails Meant For Pakistan's New PM And His Response Is Hilarious!

Shravan Shah , 08 Aug 2018
Pakistan's PM Imran Khan and Imran Khan
Pakistan’s PM Imran Khan and Imran Khan

Pakistan’s new Prime Minister Imran Khan will be taking oath on the 11th of August and while he has been flooded with a number of congratulatory messages, somebody mistook him for Bollywood actor Imran Khan. So weird right? Imran recently shared a picture of the email he received on social media in which the sender requested the actor to make him a part of his party.

Check out the picture!

A few months ago, Imran had also received a message from a sender who mistook him for Pakistan’s new Prime Minister. After knowing that it was the actor, the sender had apologized to him and had also said that you are a great person, keep shinning.

Umm… Thanks, I guess?

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We hope that after reading this, the confusion stops. One thing we are glad about is that the actor is being a sport and not upset because of these incidents.

You gotta agree, it is pretty funny! :D

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