"I Lost Weight The Right Way" - Kareena Kapoor Khan On Her Weight Loss Journey

Pallavi Manoj , 08 Aug 2018

Back in 2008 when Kareena Kapoor Khan made our jaws drop when she had turned size zero for her movie Tashan. Years later she went through a transformation yet again after her pregnancy. In a candid interview with Mid-Day, the actress talked about her weight loss journey since her son Taimur Ali Khan 

Talking about whether she was bothered about her weight gain she said she wasn’t too worried as it was only natural to gain weight during pregnancy and she enjoyed it.

I was bearing a child. It was obvious that I would put on weight. But I wasn’t rattled. I enjoyed my pregnancy. I absolutely loved it. Losing the weight after that was another journey. I remember, sometimes, I’d wear tight pants, and people would tell me, ‘You’ve put on so much weight. You’re thighs are so big.’ And I was like, ‘I don’t care because I’m working on losing it’. Honestly, I’m comfortable in any shape and size.

When she was whether she would do go through a body transformation for a role again, she replied positively.

I mean, if I was in a Bridget Jones Diary, I’d gain weight again for it, and then go back to losing it. The script has to be amazing,

While the internet was quick to judge the actress on her rapid weight loss both the times, saying that she may have starved herself to be the way she looks, she clarified that it was not the case.

 I’d love to make this fact clear that I lost weight the right way. I’m a Kapoor with a Punjabi built. I can’t live without wholesome food and would not have been able to conceive, had I not eaten the way I did. Rujuta (nutritionist) always had things sorted out for me, balancing the right amount of fat in my diet. I trusted her blindly, even when I was told to consume Parathas with ghee.

Apparently, even when she feels acidic due to the busy lifestyle she leads her nutritionist recommends home remedies like chilled milk with gulkand or water with kesar to flushes out toxins over medicines any day!

As you may have guessed Bebo is a huge foodie and she wasn’t shy to accept it.

Food is my biggest love. It’s tough competition, she says, to pick one between “Saif, Taimur and food”. I’m passionate about my meals. Even at home, although we have three different types of meals made – vegetarian for me, non-vegetarian for Saif, and baby food for Taimur – it’s all healthy. My meals are as basic as doodhi sabzi, karela subzi, one roti and bowl of rice. Dinner can be different versions of soups. But that doesn’t mean I will deprive myself of things I love.

Coming back to weight loss, Kareena gives credit where it’s due when it comes to her weight loss and complimented her trainer Namrata Purohit for putting her under intense training. But she also revealed while the workouts were intense Namrata does not keep her in the gym for more than 55 minutes!

Even on the days that I’m not up to exercising, she’ll ask me take a two-day break. I’m not the kind who’ll train at 10 pm after a shoot. I’d rather go home, eat, and sleep. When you’re body is exhausted, it’s also the sleep that will help you lose weight. Maybe I won’t have six-pack abs, but as long as I have a smashing body, I don’t need to be in the gym for three hours.

Kareena’ s mantra is something we all should go by I feel.

I’m the kind of girl who says that if you eat what you want, and you’re happy about it, there’s no guilt and no calories. You have to nurture your body, and have fun.

Hear hear!
If that’s not enough to get you off your bum and put your body to work, I don’t know what will.

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