Salman Khan Reveals That His Father Always Allowed Him To Bring Girlfriends Home

Salman Khan Reveals That His Father Always Allowed Him To Bring Girlfriends Home

Pallavi Manoj

Salman Khan is one of the biggest superstars that the Indian film industry has. He has the star power, box office numbers and the swag, but, one question that never refuses to leave Bollywood’s bhai jaan is about his relationship status. In Koffee With Karan season 4, he had candidly confessed that he was a virgin, leaving the entire nation to ROFL. While we all know that’s not true, Salman has never really talked about his relationships with the public. Until now.

Salman is currently the host of the popular game show, Dus Ka Dum and in a recent episode, he asked the contestants, How many percents of Indians are scolded by policemen for romancing in public? Before they could answer, Salman himself had a story to tell and it was a revelation of sorts. He confessed that his father Salim Khan preferred that he and his siblings bring their girlfriends/boyfriends home to spend quality time with them than doing so in public places.

These couples are helpless as there are around 8-10 people in a small house. These youngsters cannot afford to book a hotel as the society takes it in another way. My father gave me a clear-cut instruction when it came to girlfriends. He gave us the permission to spend time at home rather than roaming around the city.

And he further added that the rule was applicable to his sisters as well.

The same instruction was applicable to my sisters as well. If they have any good man in their life, they should first tell their parents and not hide anything from them. He has given us the right to take the decision on whom to marry and whom not to marry.

Well, looks like Salim Khan was one cool dad when it came to his kids’ romantic life. How I wish all Indian parents thought the same way, no?