Did You Know Akshay Kumar Had Auditioned To Star Alongside Aamir Khan But Got Rejected?

Pallavi Manoj
Akshay Kumar and Aamir Khan
Akshay Kumar and Aamir Khan

While once upon a time, Akshay Kumar was touted as an action hero, he has worked hard to get away from that title for the better. Today he is seen as one of the superstars who do cinema that brings out a social message but also manages to grab eyeballs. But what’s intriguing is that turns out, back in the day, Akshay had also auditioned for Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar. Not for Aamir Khan‘s role, but for the role of Shekar Malhotra finally played by Deepak Tijori in the film.

Rumour has it that back then director Mansoor Khan wasn’t happy with his performance and that’s how Deepak Tijori ended up landing the role. Apparently, Aki was also made to shoot for a volleyball sequence for the audition.

Revealing the story to Women’s Era Akshay Kumar said,

Apna screen test diya maine, for Deepak Tijori’s role. And they didn’t like it. And, apparently, I was crap, so they removed me.

Ouch! But how cool would it have been the two superstars together on screen? While that might have been a missed opportunity, we hope we get see these two again!

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