When it comes to social media, it is hard to deny that it’s filled with a lot of negativity. With trolling and hate being rampant all over the internet, it’s easy to look past some of the good stuff out there too. While social media does have it’s negatives, it can be used to spread positivity and love too! These Instagram accounts prove exactly that and also restores faith in humanity. Also, they’ve got some really good advice as well.

1. @bodyposipanda

This handle is all about celebrating body positivity. From sharing pictures and videos of amazing women to talking about serious issues, this handle will have you feeling amazing. Along with having a great conversation, it can also help educate you.

2. @positivelypresent

From time to time, we all end up thinking about our past and going down a road we’d rather avoid. For moments like that, or even if you’re just having a bad day, this handle will completely change your mood. It also shows you the value of living in the present and gives you little snippets that will help you live in the moment.

3. @thegoodadvicecupcake

Apart from being absolutely adorable, this handle is a must-follow. We all need good advice from time to time and you know for a pact you’re going to get it. Even if it’s the most obvious stuff, it’s still good to keep being reminded of it.

4. @buddhadoodles

Honestly, some of the most beautiful and dreamy doodles can be found on this handle. It shows you why it’s essential to slow down from time to time and just breathe.

5. @journey_to_wellness

With small and important little tips, this handle can actually make you realise and think about things you’d normally overlook. It’s all about taking that journey to eliminating negativity and paying attention to yourself.

6. @littlearthlings

If you’re looking for some positivity with a serving of humour and sass, this handle is definitely for you. From cute little quotes to some much-needed tough love, this handle definitely spreads the message of positivity.

7. @recipesforselflove

As the handle name suggests, you get the perfect recipe of love and life from here. Sometimes, all you really need to past something is a little motivation. This handle can give you that little nudge you’re looking for!

What are some of your favourite Instagram handles? Let us know in the comments below.

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