After a mid-season break, we’re back to our regular weekly schedule of #TheGirlTribe. This week on episode 6, MissMalini aka Malini Agarwal invited social activist, Trisha Shetty to continue the conversation. Trisha’s sheer drive and willingness to stand up and say something in a close-minded society like ours, has lead her to meet some of the greatest leaders and icons like, Queen Elizabeth and David Beckham. Trisha is the founder of SheSays, a non-profit that empowers women to act against sexual violence. On this episode, they discuss the staggering fact that 80% of sexual abuse victims are violated by someone they know—Whether a family-friend or an actual family member themselves. Check out her heart-wrenching story here.

I love how Trisha shares her encounters with the survivors, their families and the trauma they go through when being sexually violated by the men around them. After hearing what she had to say, the fact that someone close to them could inflict such harm, challenge their womanhood and instill feelings of insecurity and trust issues is unfathomable. Another point Trisha makes about our judicial system is how careless and indifferent it can be to the women of this country..

How can we feel safe when the people responsible to protect us don’t even care?

Secondly, I appreciate how she addressed a hidden fact that sometimes, the victim’s family will hide their child’s molestation from society in order to “save” the family from shame and embarrassment. Let me ask you guys, at a time like this, wouldn’t a scared girl want her mom and dad by her side? Holding her hand through the wave of emotions that she doesn’t understand yet suddenly has to bare? Of all people, why should the victim be shamed?

Now say it with me together…


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