Here Are 5 Common Hygiene Myths & The Truth Behind Them

Here Are 5 Common Hygiene Myths & The Truth Behind Them

Atmaj Vyas

When it comes to hygiene, we all have certain standards that we consider as perfect. That being said, when it comes to it, how much do we actually know about some of the stuff that we read about? Much like anything else, there are a bunch of myths about things people consider normal or hygienic. Here are 5 common myths debunked.

1. Hand Sanitizers

Despite what people think, using a hand sanitizer doesn’t mean you’re hands are actually clean. While it does help kill germs, it doesn’t really wash them away. So, while using a hand sanitizer can be a quick fix, you’ve still got to wash your hands!

2. 5- Second Rule

Honestly, if you drop your food, you probably shouldn’t be eating it. The 5-second rule is more of a convenience than an actual thing. No matter how clean your floors are, if it falls, put it aside. You really don’t want to be risking your health for that extra bite.

3. White Teeth

So here’s a fun one. White teeth don’t mean healthy teeth. A lot of people don’t realise that as you grow older, your teeth tend to get discoloured and that’s not counting in other factors. Basically, you can’t use the colour of the teeth as a measure for hygiene. You do need to brush it regularly though!

4. Public Restrooms

Alright, it’s true that public toilets are basically a breeding ground for germs. That being said, sometimes, you’ve just got to go. There is a myth that just touching the toilet seat is enough to give you an infection, which is actually not the case. Making contact for a short time doesn’t pass the germs.

5. Washing Your Hands

There is no denying that washing your hands is very important. That being said, washing it every two minutes isn’t really going to help you reduce the germs. Also, using a lot of soap doesn’t help either. In fact, soaps and detergents can actually be a source of nutrients for certain germs or bacteria. So, wash your hands only when you need to.

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