The Latest Instagram Beauty Obsession Is Super Easy To Copy

Natasha Patel , 10 Aug 2018

For anyone who’s an aspiring beauty blogger, influencer or personality, you already know that taking a good product picture can make or break how you portray your feed to the millions of people who see. Anyone can tell you that good quality pictures go a long way in getting likes, comments, double taps and profile views. Rewind to a year or so ago and you’d see most influencers take their professional cameras, or some would be even better equipped by hiring photographers to take their beauty “flatlays”—Ah, flatlays, remember those? They were a huge part of showcasing a product, whether it was for a brand or not. Even when it came to clothing, right? Flatlays were an obsessive trend that took time, effort and possibly resulted in a bad backache after hunching to get that shot.

However, the latest beauty obsession will probably save on time, your back, and the best part, it doesn’t have to be perfect! Beauty Instagrammers are now changing the game when it comes to taking product pictures. They’ve been keeping it more natural, connecting to the everyday beauty-girl and they’ve been using their phones to give it a humanising factor—because a picture is only as good and relatable when you can say to yourself, “Hey, this is easy. I can create it too!” And the only key to this new wave of photography is good lighting and your vanity/desk.

Scroll down to take a look at the new way everyone’s taking their beauty shots!

1. You can blur out the mess at the back

2. You can add some jewellery to the mix

3. The products don’t all need to be aligned the same way

4. The picture can be focused and zoomed in (even a little angled)

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It’s been amazing getting to know more green beauty brands recently, which includes @honuaskincare and some products from their streamlined line (*gifted). Created in California, inspired by Hawaiian botanicals (where the founder is from), they aim to source as many ingredients from Hawaiian farms as possible. Random aside, I’ve never been to Hawaii (this makes people legitimately upset when I say that), but I obviously would love to! Trying these products is clearly a sign that it’s time 😏. Ok onto the products: 🌴 Malu protecting day cream: this has SPF 30, 18.9% zinc oxide, is reef-safe, and is a daytime moisturizer with added sun protection. It’s a white cream that blends in smooth and while the color and texture of it had me scared about white cast, once I blended it in it was totally fine. It gives a dewy finish with slight tackiness, but my skin just looks healthy and glowy after application. When the temps are super high I typically opt for something more lightweight, but my skin definitely appreciates the moisture from this. 🌴 Pa’akai cleansing cream: I mentioned this in a previous post, but this is a cream cleanser that is soothing and super gentle, which makes it perfect for my AM routines. It doubles as a mask also which I’ve yet to try, but will do soon! 🌴 Aloha youth serum: this is something I’m still trying out, but it’s a lightweight serum that hydrates, soothes and firms the skin. It sinks in quickly and I do like the hydrating and soothing it provides, but tbd on firming. ✨ If you wanna try out some #honuaskincare yourself, you can get 20% off your first purchase with code overglowedit20. Not affiliate, they were just nice enough to offer a discount! Let me know if you do try anything!

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5. You don’t need to worry about showing the entire name of the product

6. You can play up on the textures of the product instead of the packaging

7. Basically, the messier, the prettier!

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Sunny morning things ☀️

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So now you know, you don’t have to painstakingly curate pictures or flatlays, this is how you do it!

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