MMExclusive: A Quick Chit-Chat With Cloak & Dagger Star, Emma Lahana

Atmaj Vyas , 11 Aug 2018

With more and more comic books being adapted to either television or movies, fans are constantly in wait for the next big thing. One of those adaptations comes in the form of Cloak & Dagger, which is a part of Marvel‘s TV division. The story revolves around two teenagers who end up becoming unlikely friends after a certain incident. With a brilliant cast and an amazing and eye-opening storyline, this show is something you’ve really got to watch and luckily, it’s available on Amazon Prime Video! While going over the show, we managed to get in touch with one of the starts, Emma Lahana, who plays the role of Detective Brigid O’Rilley in the show. Here’s what she had to say.

How does your character, Brigid O’Rilley fit into the storyline of Cloak & Dagger?

Well, She’s from the comic books and she’s an ally to Tandy and Tyrone. So she is working with them to try and help them and get justice. Unfortunately, she meets her end, or so we think by Connors who murders her at the end of season one. But at the end, she comes back but something is different about her. That’s something you’ll learn from season two and also some of the challenges she faces. In season two, Brigid becomes Mayhem.

How did you prepare for your role and was there anything in specific you had to learn?

Well, to prepare for my role, I actually did a lot of research into the racism and police brutality, specifically in New York because that is where Brigid has come from. Something that I really love about her is that she really does fight for justice and she really tries to do the right thing. Considering she’s living in a man’s world. So yeah the research I did was looking into some of the things she’d need as a detective coming from New York.

How does it feel to be a part of Marvel TV and what’s that journey like?

It has been so crazy! Like, when I auditioned I didn’t know what project I was auditioning for. It just said ‘Untitled Marvel Project’. When it comes to the name Marvel, you know it’s going to be really great quality and really great story-telling. The thing that I love about Marvel is that they’re really pushing diversity and bringing new political issues to light, through entertainment. I really think that’s important.

Since Cloak & Dagger has been renewed for another season, could you tell us a little about what we could expect from it?

Well, the tagline for season two is; ‘Season two will be Mayhem‘. In season one we hit a lot of character development, so now you’re really invested in these characters. Now they’re just going to go crazy. There’s going to be a lot of action and a lot of Mayhem.

So, what can we expect to see from Brigid O’Reilly in the second season?

Well, now you’re going to see a huge change. She fell into the water after Connors murders her. In the end, when you see her coming out of the water, you can obviously tell by her eyes that she’s acquired some sort of power and that something has changed about her. You’re going to learn more about that and you’re going to learn a lot about who Mayhem is and the equation she shares with Tandy and Tyrone.

What’s the rest of the cast like? Are you all like a big happy family?

It’s very much a dream job! We have a diverse writers room who’s writing great stuff for epic women and also, people of colour. On top of that, we have an amazing show-runner and we all get along really well. We all just get to set and our goal is to make the best show possible. That’s all we really want to do. So, we’re all just supportive of each other and everyone just shows up with their A-game. Everyone is there to make something great!

Lastly, do you have a message for your fans here in India?

Thank you guys so much for watching season one! That is what allowed us to have another season that can keep telling these characters stories. So, thank you for watching and please continue to do so!

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So there you have it! If you haven’t watched season one of Cloak & Dagger yet, we highly suggest that you do. We’re super excited for season two and to find out which road Brigid will walk down.

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