Aishwarya Rai Bachchan Shares Her Take On Cosmetic Surgery

Pallavi Manoj , 13 Aug 2018

While Fanney Khan may have received mixed reviews, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan who adorned the character of the pop star Baby Singh was appreciated quite a lot. I was super glad to see Ash back on screen and that too in a role as glamorous as this one. She has always been someone who you’d point to when you want to say the phrase beauty with brains. As part of the entertainment industry, it is a part of their job to maintain their looks to sustain themselves in the business. And if not widely known, there have been whispers of many relying on cosmetic surgery for this.

In a recent interview with Indian Express, Aishwarya was asked whether she would ever undergo cosmetic surgery. While most actresses would have denied such a thing outright here’s what the blue-eyed beauty had to say.

She said,

See, at this point, everything is moving so you guys would know. Very honestly, God has been kind so far and it’s each to their own- the choices that you make. When people have not explored it, we tend to say maybe not yet or maybe no. Twenty years ago, if you had asked me would I ever colour my hair. I had brown hair and natural streaks. I would have said NO. Then I joined a brand and started experimenting and it worked.

She further added that no matter what people do, they should make informed choices.

I think people should make informed choices. That’s extremely important. I have been fortunate where I have never needed to embrace diets. Some people possibly need to. So, We can’t sit on a high horse and give any kind of advice like ‘you don’t need to do this.’ Many people have the best bodies, but they are taking supplements. And then there is a whole debate on supplements – should they or shouldn’t they? Just make informed choices. There are medical practitioners, take their advice. You should know the science before making any choices.

Is it me? Or is Ash on a roll dropping truth bombs after truth bombs in all her interviews during her promotions? We love that she didn’t throw a fit over the question she was asked and she stuck to the what they say, ‘Never say never’.

Spoken like a true star! Love you, Ash!

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