Atif Aslam's New Romantic Song From 'Laila Majnu' Is Magical

Pallavi Manoj , 14 Aug 2018

It takes the whole village to raise a child! (African proverb) And it takes a big team to raise a film and bring it to the world. And while I’m excited to show you the trailer of Laila Majnu ASAP, the wait will be slightly more. My friends in the distribution team urged me to look at releasing the film on the 7th of sept and I see their point that it would be better for Laila Majnu to be released on that date. I’ve been told the trailer comes out about 4-5 weeks before the film and not any earlier. So guys.. a little longer and we shall put the trailer out soon. Thank you for the overwhelming response on the posters and videos of Laila Majnu, keep sending us your love …love is worth the wait! Laila Majnu to release on 7th Sept.

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Atif Aslam‘s voice is enough to soothe any ailing soul for sure and I’m so glad he’s back with this new track from Laila Majnu. Last week, the trailer of this love saga had come out and it was a visual delight. Now, imagine picturesque valleys and snow-capped mountains of Kashmir along with Atif Aslam’s magical voice. That’s what this romantic track from Laila Majnu is all about. It’s not the slow song that you can ball dance to with your loved one, but it may just become the next big love anthem. Both Atif Aslam and Jyotica Tangri renders the song so beautifully that you’ll definitely want to listen to this song again and again.

Check it out.

The Sajid Ali directorial debut is being produced by his brother Imtiaz Ali and TV mogul Ekta Kapoor. The movie is slated to release on the 7th of September and like they say, true love never goes out of fashion and Laila Majnu doesn’t either! Can’t wait for this romantic tale.

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