Mira Kapoor and Shahid Kapoor are expecting their second baby very soon and it’s a happy time. But, the internet knows no calm when it comes to trolling, especially when it comes to a celebrity. Recently, Mira had tried out her acting skills with her first ever ad for a face cream brand. While many including her husband appreciated her for her work, many other users on the internet were not so kind. She was mercilessly trolled for endorsing a skin regeneration cream at such a young age, also for endorsing something that has chemicals when she had previously said she only uses organic products and for her acting skills…the list was endless. In about a few hours, what Mira had thought would be a simple Ad or something new she was trying out, was not just that anymore. But after the incident, in a recent interview with Times Now, Mira revealed what she thought about the whole issue.

She said,

The internet is one platform that is accessible to everyone. People can say what they feel and it gives everyone the right to express themselves the way they want and to what extent they feel like. So, there will be opinions. It’s not that everyone is going to love you. I have always spoken for myself and I have never shied away from expressing what I truly feel.

She further added that it’s not something new to her and that people receive backlash for everything they do these days.

It is the way the internet is. At some level, it is a bit sad.

She also opened up about how she was quite nervous while shooting for the commercial but the nature of the ad had put her to ease.

I won’t lie, I was very nervous because doing an ad was completely out of my comfort zone. But I think what put me at ease was the nature of the ad, which was very conversational with real experiences. It was something I have already been through. I felt that I was just talking about something that I have gone through myself and from my own point of view. The natural synergy put me at ease.

Personally, I thought the nasty comments that she was getting for the Ad was uncalled for. I honestly think it was a great effort that she took knowing that she’s not remotely related to acting other than the fact that her husband is part of the industry.

All that said, I love Mira’s ‘Haters gonna hate’ kinda attitude!