Sonali Bendre has surprised us all with her strength and positivity. I can’t begin to imagine the troubles Sonali must be going through and yet she finds a reason to smile and share that lovely optimistic vibe of hers. It was exactly a month ago that the actress shared the news about her illness with everyone and our hearts broke a little. But what is evident through all her social media posts and interactions is that she is one hell of a fighter and has found a strong support system in her Goldie Behl (husband), Ranveer Behl (son) and close friends.

Her circle of trusted friends includes Suzanne Khan, who took to Instagram to share the sweetest message for her bffs.

Have a look!

It is clear from the photos that the ladies share a strong bond and promise to stick together come what may. We hope Sonali keeps smiling her lovely smile and gets back to her healthy self at the earliest.

Here’s to friendships that last a lifetime!