Freedom means a lot to every individual, especially in a country like India, that attained its Independence after being ruled by the British Government for over 200 years. Today, as we celebrate the 72nd Independence Day some of your favourite television stars share what this day means to them and their most fond memories over the years.

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1. Gurpreet Singh

Gurpreet Singh

I had joined NCC (National Cadet Corp) and participated in training camps during my childhood. It was an awesome patriotic feeling as I lived the way the army does.The versatility in our nation cannot be compared with any country. It’s unique as there are so many kinds of religion and castes and so much difference in living standards, yet everyone is patriotic. I will always proudly say, “Mera Bharat Mahan”. I haven’t decided on my plans for the 15th of August yet. It’s a big day for me and I think all of us will have to feel patriotic on that day. I know that some people take it as just a mere holiday. But if we go by history, we can see how this day is a culmination of the combined efforts of a lot of people.2. Sneha Wagh

I’m a proud Indian and somewhere within my heart, I want to make my country proud. For me, this day is a day of pride and honor. Today’s generation has lost the taste of real passion for patriotism.
3. Shashank Vyas

Shashank Vyas

Not only me, I guess everyone feels a sense of pride on Independence Day but this day for some people is nothing more than a mere holiday. I feel we should take inspiration from all the school kids in our areas who make flags and dress up in tri-color. They celebrate this day in the true sense.4. Arjun Bijlani

Independence Day is a day when I watch patriotic films with my family. I feel that we should try and celebrate the day in whatever way we can. At least take 10 minutes out of the entire day and think about the condition of our country and what we can do to better it.5. Akashdeep Sabir

Akashdeep Sabir

This generation has lost the importance of days like these. The point is we as a nation have failed miserably. There is intolerance, rapes are rising. China and Pakistan have unfinished agendas with India even after 70 years. I am an avid follower of world news and I must say it’s not a happy space. Our infrastructure stinks, our politicians think they are kings, they have begun to live in an insulated world. The common man hurts and is helpless. Therefore, escapism is the only option. People think it’s a holiday today and have no respect for the occasion.6. Vahbiz Dorabjee

Vahbiz Dorabjee

It’s a 100 percent true that today’s generation has lost the feeling of Independence day and they treat it as a mere holiday. I miss my school days when it was mandatory for us to attend the flag hoisting ceremony. It was really fun as we used to perform patriotic songs. I have some beautiful memories from my time at school. I have to admit that as I grew up, my participation in Independence day has not been much but I sometimes like to dress up in the tricolor. I not only feel patriotic on this day, I feel patriotic throughout the year. Honestly, I have traveled the world and I have come to one conclusion nothing is better than India.7. Jasmin Bhasin

Jasmin Bhasin

This year, unfortunately, I am not in my own country on this day. I am in Argentina for a shoot, but I am proud to be an Indian. I feel even more proud when I travel abroad. We have developed so much as a country and an economy. All of us should be proud of our selves. I feel patriotic and proud of the way our country is growing and don’t look down. We are a strong and respectful nation. I don’t think today’s generation has lost any significance, of the day. I think each and every person feels really proud.8. Snigdha Akolkar

Snigdha Akolkar

I’m planning to attend a flag hosting at Gate Way Of India or at least in my society. I enjoy the patriotic atmosphere, the feeling of respect towards our freedom and sacrifices made for it. It’s sad, these days that the significance of Independence Day has been reduced to a mere holiday. We take our independence for granted. I Salute to all the people who fought and are still fighting for us to keep our independence secured.9. Adhvik Mahajan

Adhvik Mahajan

I will enjoy the flag hoisting ceremony and those beautiful patriotic songs will play in my housing society. I would be watching an online series on Chandrashekhar Azad’s life as I am not working on that day. I have been wanting to know more about him for a while now. I feel its important to remember that today whatever we are doing in life, the choices that we are making, it is possible because of democracy and freedom. We are blessed to be Indians in today’s times.10. Geetanjali Singh

Geetanjali Singh

Since childhood, I used to always be excited about Independence Day. I would take part in various school activities and I loved being part of the flag hoisting ceremony. Even if I was not part of it, I would sit home dressed as Bharat Mata. I visit nearby schools for the flag hoisting ceremonies now and I have also bought something traditional for this day. This year, I will be visiting different places promoting my film and celebrating Independence Day. This day means a lot to me, I am from a conservative family which lacks independence. There are still many places where women are not liberated. People take things for granted that are easily available to them, small steps will make big difference.

How do you celebrate Independence Day and show your respect to the hard-earned freedom of this nation?