Much like any other trip, a little getaway with the boys also needs some planning. While a spontaneous trip is something we all love, it usually turns into a fiasco. We’re not saying you need to spend days planning it all out, but a little planning here and there will make sure that you’re all set to have a great time. So here are a few things you should keep in mind.

1. Make sure it’s the weekend.

Usually, the weekend is the best time to get out of the city. Additionally, if you need to take leave from work, you might as well take it around the weekend so that you usually don’t end up spending more leaves. That being said, if you’re planning to head to another city or somewhere that isn’t by the beach or in the mountains, you’d have much more fun if it’s the weekend. Basically, use the damn weekend!

2. Plan out your costs and travel plan.

Much like any other trip, it’s important to plan out your budget beforehand. Also, always keep a little extra on the side for other stuff. You never know if you may end up binge-drinking or eating or maybe you just want to shop. If you’re the planning the trip out, make sure you’ve given at least a base cost to everyone and let them figure out their extras.

3. Make sure you’re all on the same page.

The key to a successful trip is having everyone on the same page. If you need to get on a call with the boys, do it. This way, when you actually make all the bookings, you’re not going to have anyone back out or say this isn’t what they signed up for. It also allows you guys to plan out what exactly you’re going to do and will make sure you’re all having fun. After all, it’s a trip for everyone and not just you. So, make sure you include everyone in the planning. Well, unless you want to randomly pull chits from a bowl, which could also be fun.

4. Don’t forget to include some fun recreational activities.

While it’s great to sit and chill, it can also get boring real quick. While you don’t have to go overboard and plan out every single minute of the day, throwing in some fun activities is always good. Maybe skydiving or golf, etc. It’s actually a really good bonding exercise and allows you to break out of a set routine.

5. Break down the responsibilities.

We all know just how crazy a trip can get. It’s impossible for one person to be able to take care of everything. So, make sure you divide the responsibilities. Not only does this make everything a lot faster, it also helps everyone enjoy more because they aren’t burdened with figuring out all the details. Also, when you do get to where ever and you’re drinking, make sure you’ve always got a designated guide and driver (if you’re driving).

How do you plan out your boys trip? Let us know in the comments below.

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