A lot of us struggle to go to work every day, isn’t it? However, many of us like to wake up and go to work (I guess). The only thing some people look forward to is an office party because that’s the max fun they’d ever have in the office. The thing is though, some people don’t know the difference between an office party and a party with their friends while others don’t have any fun at all. Here are a few types of people you’re likely to spot at a party hosted by your company.

1. The Drunkard

The drunkard has no boundaries. They’d get drunk in 3 beers and do crazy things they’d probably regret the next working day. Nobody likes someone who can’t handle their alcohol.

2. The One Who Bounces Early

This person always leaves as soon as the party begins. They’re highly disinterested in this party and are always making up excuses to leave.

3. The Selfie Addict

This one doesn’t care about the party. But only about taking pictures with every colleague (whether they’re close to them or not).

4. The Loner

Maybe they’re new or just anti-social. So they’re always sitting by themselves. While others are participating in games and socialising, this person is sitting alone.

5. The Last Man Standing

Quite contrary to the disinterested one, this person is the last one to leave. They love hanging out with everyone at work so much, that they don’t want the party to end.

6. The Foodie

They’re here for the food! They don’t even know what the party is about, they just wanna eat.

7. The Enthu-Cutlet

They’re jumping around the place being the loudest person ever. They wanna play all the games and are probably the first ones to show up.

8. The Boss’ Blue Eyed Boy/Girl

This person behaves like they’re the boss. Because they’re the boss’ favourite after all. So, they’ll not leave the boss even for a second.

9. The Boss

The boss is obviously a major part of this event. They don’t participate in any activities, because, they’re the boss!

So, the next time you’re attending an office party, make sure to entertain yourself by noticing these different kinds of people. Which one do you think you are? Tell us in the comments below!

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