Hear Manish Arora's Take On DietSabya, His Smartphone, Bollywood Celebrities & More

Prashansa Daniell , 16 Aug 2018
Manish Arora For OPPO F9 Pro
Manish Arora For OPPO F9 Pro

Not very often do you hear celebrated designers like Manish Arora tell you why they texted their ex-boyfriend, and who they think DietSabya is—So we grabbed this OPPOrtunity (pun intended) as quickly as we could and had a lil chit-chat with him. Through anonymous questions about his association with the new OPPO F9 PRO, his possible kids’ line and much more, Manish answered it all with ease, honesty, and so much spark.

Before you dive into the video here are 7 we learned about him through this amazing association:

  1. Just like many of us he too, misses his ex and texts ’em here and there.
  2. He loves kids!
  3. His latest muse is the #OPPOF9PRO—Talk about technology meeting fashion!
  4. He was dressed in all-black-errything but his words were all about colour, life, and happiness!
  5. Manish Arora’s design sensibilities cannot be matched with any other—The couture tee is proof.
  6. He’s a morning person.
  7. And he loves to track how much he walks per day!

*This post is in partnership with OPPO Mobile India. 

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