Today, the Queen of Pop, Madonna, turns 60! A trailblazer, legend, badass, boss lady, etc. are some of the most common words that come to mind when you think of her. This icon has paved the way for many artists and has left a legacy that will go down in history. Unlike other icons, Madonna hasn’t been one to shy away from speaking her mind and doing exactly as she pleases. Even though it hasn’t always sat well with people and she’s been known to have her fair share of controversies, it’s impossible to deny how much she’s achieved. So, here are some moments that prove why she’s the OG bad-ass!

1. Constantly Reinventing Herself

In an industry where everyone’s always looking for the next big thing, Madonna has not managed to stay relevant but as also reinvented herself over and over again. Through a career that spans over decades, she has managed to find new and unique and often times, controversial ways to keep her name in the spotlight. There have been many iconic artists that have fallen through the cracks and faded into the background, but not her. She still knows how to work the industry and that is something that is totally bad-ass.

2. Records

Not only is Madonna one of the best selling female recording artists to date, she’s also broken many records. Having one of the highest grossing tours by a female artist, despite the controversy it caused, a record-breaking half-time show with over 114 million people tuned in and lastly, with a record 12-number-one albums she is also the best selling female artist in the UK. There’s a reason why she’s referred to as the queen. She’s earned the title, despite what people say or think about her.

3. Performances & Tours

Back in the day and even today, a Madonna concert is something that you can’t afford to miss. Well, if you’re a die-hard fan at least. That being said, whether you’re a fan or not, you can’t deny the level of energy, theatrics and bad-assery she brings to the stage with each performance. The fact that she still continues to tour and is just as mesmerizing, stands as proof for everything.

4. Acting

It probably doesn’t come as a complete shock that someone as talented as her, would also have quite a few acting chops to her name. Sure, not all of them made huge waves at the box office but, that can’t take away from the ones that did. For her role in Evita, she won a Golden Globe and also high praise from the critics. While there were some disasters, there were also some amazing ones. The spectrum of talent she’s displayed over the years is the reason she’s considered such a bad-ass.

5. Always Speaks Her Mind

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from Madonna, it’s the fact that no matter what, she is someone who will always speak her mind. She doesn’t really fear controversy or consequences and while at times its paid off, other times, it has gone terribly wrong. Still, after everything that has happened, she’s never been afraid or changed her ways. Her resilience is something that is admirable and is something she is known for.

6. Pushed The Envelope

There is no denying that Madonna has always pushed the envelope when it comes to things. Be it music, religion, social topics, political views and even sex. Her vision is something she’s never compromised and even though it has gotten her into tough situations, she has handled them like a complete boss. It’s this type of shock and awe thing that has gotten her as far as she’s reached. While slightly mellowed now, there is no denying that when she needs to push the envelope again, she will. In a heartbeat!

7. Experimental & Bold Fashion Choices

She is literal proof that age is just a number. While many people have critiqued or called out her choices, she still defies the odds. With her risque and out there ensembles, she’s never someone who has been tied-down to conventional things. She has been an icon and we’re pretty sure, she will continue to be one.

8. A Sharp Businesswoman

Not only is Madonna an extremely talented artist, she’s also referred to as one of the smartest businesswomen ever. She’s always known what works and what doesn’t. The fact that she never conformed to peoples expectations and kept reinventing meant that people were always in for something new. She has a sharp mind and isn’t the kind of person who entrusts her business to someone else. She always made sure to keep her finger in the pie. From fragrances to her recent skincare line, she’s a business mogul that knows how to play the game.

9. Timeless Essence

When it comes to Madonna, there is never an in-between. You either love her or hate her. She’s never been someone to play it safe and has constantly defied expectations. Say what you want about her, she’s nothing short of an inspiration. Does she have her flaws? Sure, but everyone does. She’s always been honest about her ways and her flaws. She’s an icon and her music is most definitely timeless. There’s a certain charm and beauty to her that is just timeless.

We wish you a very Happy Birthday Madonna and hope you slay this year, just as you have been doing! On that note, what is your favourite Madonna song? Let us know in the comments below!

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