For a very long time now, actresses have gone under the knife to enhance their beauty. While there is nothing wrong with it, a lot of times, they have been trolled for it on social media, which is not cool. Recently, television actress Aashka Goradia got a lip job done and while many may have already passed their judgment about it on the social frontiers, Aashka had an amazing thing to say and I couldn’t agree more. In an interaction with Mumbai Mirror, Aashka said that there was nothing to hide.

The Kkusum actress said,

My husband (Brent Goble) made me realize that there is nothing to hide. Yes, people will shame you but there is nothing to be ashamed of. I wanted to do something to my face, and that’s my choice. And I know that opening up sometimes is the only way to shut people up.

She further spoke about how she took technology’s help, to enhance her beauty.

I’ve always loved makeup, human faces and all that we can do with it. With technology, I had the choice to do it even better and I went ahead with it. But the procedure was preceded by a lot of research.

The actress also added,

I wish I had a sob story to tell you but there is none. I wanted fuller lips and had to go for them. But being asked things like, ‘How much plastic went into your lips?’ at a press conference with 20 people around is not how I would like to address it. I want to reiterate here that I decided to do something to my face and that’s my choice. I am my own sculptor, my own painter!

Kudos to you, Aashka! We need more people like you because only a change in mentality will bring a change in our world.