Anisha Padukone Opens Up About Deepika Padukone’s Battle With Depression

Anisha Padukone Opens Up About Deepika Padukone’s Battle With Depression

Pallavi Manoj

In this time and age, to most of our dismay, mental health is still considered as something secondary and it is rarely discussed on open floors and on TV. So, a few years ago when Deepika Padukone had come out and said that she was battling with depression, it had opened doors to many people who were dealing with it. Not only did she simply say it, she had an open discussion about her journey, how it started, how she was diagnosed and how she dealt with it in an interview on national TV in the presence of her mother and therapist. Since then, Deepika has also opened an organisation that raises awareness about mental health in school and help patients seek treatment. Deepika‘s sister Anisha Padukone is the director of the foundation.

In a recent interview with News 18, she was asked how it was for her to be a part of Deepika’s journey.

In her role as a global social influencer, she felt it was critical to share her story and thereby contribute to sparking (and sustaining) conversations on this key topic.Honestly, it was difficult for me as I had very little idea about mental illness and the role of a caregiver. Coping with mental illness affects both the individuals and members of their immediate family.

She further added that at the time they did not have much information on mental illness.

There was not much information available where I could learn and equip myself to be of help. There were times when I felt helpless. Fortunately for us, my mother noticed something was wrong. We then approached a counsellor who is also a very close family friend and things worked out.

Anisha even revealed that after they started the foundation, they have been receiving a lot of messages from people who’ve been positively affected by their work.

As a family, it is a gratifying feeling to know that indirectly you are helping save lives.

Now that’s some real change being made, don’t you think?