Dia Mirza Opens Up About Her Parents' Divorce And How It Changed Her

Swagata Dam , 17 Aug 2018

I guess many of you don’t know that actress, producer and beauty queen – Dia Mirza also happens to be a philanthropist, environmentalist and social activist. She’s truly beautiful inside out and is extremely compassionate towards her surroundings. We were super delighted to have her grace our pink couch in the recent episode of The Girl Tribe. In a heartfelt conversation with MissMalini, she opened up about her childhood like never before.

Dia revealed how dealing with her parents’ divorce at the age of 4 has made her more empathetic. She also shared how she always idolized her parents and saw them as her superheroes until they decided to part ways. Their divorce made her realize that her even they were quite flawed and fallible.

While recollecting those days and talking about her father’s demise, the actress got rather emotional and broke into tears.

You can watch the entire episode here:

It was heartbreaking to see her cry. But I must say that it was quite brave of her to come forth and talk about something so personal on a public platform. And we are glad to have met the girl behind the star that she is.

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