Climate change is real. If it isn’t clear enough yet, just look around. From erratic weather and freak storms to the melting of the ice caps, we’re headed down a path that will eventually lead to our destruction. While it is obvious to many that we need to correct our ways, there are still a lot of sceptics out there who believe this is all a hoax. Whether you believe in it or not, here are a few interesting documentaries that will put things into perspective.

1. Chasing Ice

Chasing Ice follows National Geographic photographer James Balog as he attempts to document the melting glaciers in the Arctic. It’s like an adventure story that is heartbreaking but, also visually amazing. The documentary records and shows us the impact humans have had on the environment and also showcases just how fast things are changing.

2. Mission Blue

This documentary follows famed oceanographer Sylvia Earle, who has spent her life documenting and advocating for Earth’s oceans. She’s been called a lot of things over the years but she has been relentless in her mission to show people just how much we’ve actually damaged the ocean. It’s through the eyes of someone who has spent a lifetime researching this and what she has to say is important for all of us. The documentary has a message of hope and why we need to start saving the oceans without any more delay.

3. Sustainable

This one follows Marty Travis who comes from a generation of farmers. The documentary revolves around him and his attempts to build and start a movement of sustainable farming and also eating. It’s a very direct look at some of the stuff big agricultural businesses are doing and shows you just how important it is to move to a more sustainable future.

4. DamNation

This is a documentary that shows you the extreme environmental devastation that the construction of a dam brings about. It is unapologetic in its ways and by the end of it, you’re actually pretty pissed off about all the dams being built. It will actually make you furious and you will begin to start understanding why there are so many environmentalists who call for the stopping of the building of dams.

5. Frozen Planet

David Attenborough brings us this fabulous footage of nature itself. This documentary takes you through the frozen lands of the world and also shows you first hand the kind of impact global warming is having on it. It’s straightforward, raw and extremely detailed. It will chill you to your very bone and make you realise the significance of trying to conserve our environment. That being said, it is still a breathtaking watch.

6. How To Change The World

This is a documentary that traces the story of a group of activists from Vancouver as they attempt to stop the nuclear testing in Alaska. It tells the story of the birth of the modern environmentalist movement, and how the actions of a few people, 45 years ago, still persist to this day. It’s a crazy roller-coaster ride and at points, you fear for their lives. But in the end, the message they are trying to get across is all but abundantly clear.

7. More Than Honey

This documentary will take you deep into the world of bees and all the problems that the bee colonies are facing in today’s time. Before you jump the gun, while this documentary does talk about the perils of bees, it also allows you a much needed close-up look into the daily life of bees. It’s an important and beautiful documentary that will make you realise just how much these little creatures do in order to make our planet amazing. It also shows you how important bees really are to our future and why conserving them is essential.

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