When it comes to what people find attractive or likeable about another person, a sense of humour is most likely at the top of the checklist. So what makes humour such an important aspect? Well, to be honest, most people have their own reasons but, it usually comes down to creativity. People with a sense of humour usually tend to think outside the box, which makes them stand out in a crowd. Here are 5 more reasons why a sense of humour is considered attractive.

1. Makes The Person Memorable

It goes without saying that funny people tend to leave a mark on our memory. It becomes easier to throwback to the things they said or did and that’s what makes them special. You find yourself cracking the same joke or thinking about something they said and then it becomes tough to get them out of your head.

2. Knows Exactly How To Cheer You Up

People with a sense of humour aren’t just about jokes all the time. They are actually pretty sensitive towards the people around them as well. They know the right things to say and do in order to cheer someone up. Sometimes, they will even go out of their way just to bring a smile to your face and that is something most people love about them.

3. Brings A Rather Unique Perspective To The Table

Humourous people have a rather out-of-the-box kind of perspective. The way they think is unique and that’s what makes them intriguing. Whether it’s their thought about something or the way they hold a conversation, something about them draws you in. In times of crisis, they are also usually the ones who come up with the most unique solutions to the problems at hand.

4. Humour & Truth Go Hand-In-Hand

When it comes to humour, it’s not something that just appears out of thin air. It usually comes from a very personal space or from the experiences they’ve had in life. They don’t find a need to hide the truth about them or their lives and this is something that others can see as well. It’s comforting to others to know that they can wear their truth and also be so open about it.

5. Always Puts People At Ease

In an awkward situation, a well-timed joke or quip can help put anyone at ease. One of the major reasons why people with a sense of humour are liked is because they make others around them comfortable. They are extremely good at reading awkward situations and know exactly how to break the ice.

So, what do you guys think about people with a sense of humour? Let us know in the comments below.

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