It was the ‘reality show’ called, Roadies that brought Rannvijay Singha into the limelight. While Rannvijay’s claim to fame was his survival on the show, it’s actually his personality and spirit that earned him fans across the globe. He has, on multiple occasions voiced his strong and fearless opinions about respecting, protecting and empowering the women in one’s life and the ones you may not even know.

Moving on to why I believe we need more men like Rannvijay. I, of course, don’t mean men with his build or physicality but his approach towards social issues like speaking up against someone’s wrongdoings towards women and the society at large. We’re currently in a scenario where it is important to acknowledge the need for and encourage strong voices like his to diminish the disparity between genders.

We’re having conversations about topics that people haven’t taken seriously for a long time. We’re making the world sit up and take notice of what’s wrong, we’re making amends and demands to right those wrongs. We’re inspiring and seeking inspiration at the same time. Equality and safety for all are among the various causes that all of us as a generation are trying to advocate and champion. I believe we can achieve that in the true sense only when people across the spectrum belonging to different walks of life lend each other a helping hand and a sense of motivation.

Rannvijay is both empathetic and fearless in his outlook towards life and here’s proof that we do in fact need more men like him. Men who can influence those who look up to them and others too.

Have a look

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Proof That We Need More Men Like Rannvijay

Here’s to Rannvijay Singh Singha for always taking a stand for the right things. <3

Posted by MissMalini on Friday, June 15, 2018

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