Naseeruddin Shah is one of the finest actors we have in Bollywood. Did you know he’s done up to 200 films? The yardstick of any movie could be measured if the legendary actor is in it or not. I mean how bad can it be if someone like him would be a part of it, right? But seems like the actor is not too happy doing films anymore.

Recently he opened up about how he wasn’t too optimistic about today’s Mumbai film industry at the Mountain Echoes literary festival. He even went on to say that the industry is all fluff and there’s nothing that is helping him thrive right now.

It has been an eventful journey and if I had a chance to live again, I would love to do it in the same way. I feel fortunate about the life I have lived. I am pretty much fed up with the kind of movies we make. I am not very optimistic about the film world in Bombay.

He further added that he was no longer interested in 60-day shoots and only took up movies that required less time from him.

Theatre is what I want to focus more on. At least you can turn back the pages and play Shakespeare or any great works.

The legendary actor is a National School Of Drama alumni and it is only natural that he would want to return to his first love.

He also spoke about how he was sure that in the next few years all cinema halls will start disappearing as the future of viewership lies in platforms like Amazon Prime and Netflix.

While on the topic of films and theatre, he also answered a question on the Central Board Of Film Certification and said that he has never been able to understand how the CBFC functions, but also acknowledged that they may have their own reasons for doing what they do. He told the audience that the platform and space for open and reasonable debate is shrinking in India and it is almost impossible to make movies like Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron today.

Naseer Sahab does have a lot of valid points, don’t you think? Definitely gave me a lot to think about as an audience member.
What about you?