Photos: Adnan Sami's Son Azaan Sami Khan's Transformation Has Left Our Jaws Dropped

Shravan Shah , 24 Aug 2018
Azaan Sami Khan
Azaan Sami Khan

Celebrity transformations always manage to surprise us and why wouldn’t they? I mean they give us hope that one day, even we might have those bodies we have seen in films, JK (I am completely happy with the way I am). While I was quite surprised after looking at Adnan Sami’s transformation, I just witnessed another transformation, which totally surprised me.

The star kid we are talking about is Adnan’s 25 years-old son Azaan Sami Khan. Azaan has followed his father’s footsteps and with months of rigorous training and diet control, Khan Jr who will be making his debut in the Pakistan film industry has gone through a massive transformation and the pictures are proof of how amazing he looks.

Azaan Sami Khan 01
Azaan Sami Khan 02
Azaan Sami Khan 05
Azaan Sami Khan 03
Azaan Sami Khan 04

Azaan shuffles between London and Pakistan with his wife Sophia and their son. Azaan will be making his debut with Operation 021 which is being produced by Azaan and his mother Zeba Bakhtiyar.

These pictures are already giving me the motivation I need, what about you?

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