5 Alternative Uses For Your Highlighter

5 Alternative Uses For Your Highlighter

Jyotika Udeshi

Over the past couple of years, highlighters have made their way into every makeup bag. We’ve all fallen in love with their blinding impact and the way they make our faces glow. However, we never thought that they could be used in any other fashion… until now. Here are 5 different ways in which you can use your highlighter.

1. As An Eye Shadow

Why not use your highlighter as a shimmer shadow? The reflective finish will open up your eyes and add a little glam to your look. If you are afraid of being too sparkly, simply dot on a tiny amount on to the inner corners of your eye to get a similar, eye-opening effect.

2. As An Eye Liner

If you love liquid or gel highlighters, you can double the colour up as a liner too. Just dip a stiff brush into the formula and draw on your wing.

3. As A Lip Product

Mimic the effect of a lip plumper by adding a little highlighter to the Cupid’s bow. Or apply the formula on top of a matte lipstick to create a gloss-like finish. You can even use a highlighter as a lipstick, just like Rihanna.

4. As A Concealer

We all own a highlighter that’s too subtle to strobe with. Use this product beneath your eyes to brighten up the area. If you’ve got severe dark circles, you can layer it beneath your concealer to fake a well-rested look. Just ensure that the product has no glitter particles in it.

5. As A Body Shimmer

Mix a little of your highlighter into your body lotion or oil to get a glowing finish. This tip is always handy whilst wearing dresses, shorts or skirts.

Do you have any more highlighter hacks to share with us?

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