7 Interesting Facts About Beer You Probably Didn't Know

Atmaj Vyas , 25 Aug 2018
Beer (Image Courtesy: Shutterstock)
Beer (Image Courtesy: Shutterstock)

Just thinking about a beer makes you want to have one, doesn’t it? Well, that is if you’re a beer lover! A beer is the perfect drink for literally any occasion and is also one of the most popular alcoholic beverage around the world. There are also different types and flavours of beer! That being said, how much do you really know about beer? Well, here are 7 interesting facts to help expand your knowledge.

1. One Of The Oldest Beverages

Well, if you thought beer was a modern-day marvel, think again! It turns out, that beer has actually been around since 9500 B.C.! Yeah, that means even our ancestors liked having a cold one on a hot summer day.

2. The Strongest Beer

Do you think you got what it takes to drink the worlds strongest beer? Well, before that, let’s just compare the alcohol content in the two. While regular beer tends to have about 5% alcohol on an average, the worlds strongest beer, Brewmeister‘s Snake Venom, has 67.5%!  That’s nearly 11 times stronger than the average bear! We’re pretty sure one sip would be enough to wreck the most seasoned drinkers.

3. Ancient Egyptians

One of the greatest mysteries of the world are the pyramids. Well, apparently, they were built under the influence of alcohol! Patrick McGovern who is an Archaeologist from the University of Pennsylvania says that it’s likely, that the workers who build the pyramids were given about four litres of beer a day.

4. Health Benefits

It’s important to remember that too much of anything can be bad for your health and that includes beer. That being said, beer is said to reduce the risk of getting kidney stones by at least 40%! So, we guess it’s a beer a day that keeps the doctor away, eh?

5. Zythology

Well, if you’re ever wondering what the study of beer is called, here you have it. The term Zythology is derived from the Greek word Zythos which actually mean beer.

6. Types Of Beer

While many of us just know a handful of beers, the fact is that there are over 400 types of beers in the world. Now that we think about it, this sounds like the perfect trip to plan! A globe-trotting beercation in order to taste every beer in the world. Also, yes, that’s a word that we totally made up. Seems legit enough though, right?

7. Empty Beer Glass Phobia

Let’s just take a second to let this one sink in. There is an actual name to the phobia of having an empty beer glass! It’s called Cenosillicaphobia! Honestly, it’s good to know that there’s a name to this because the next time our glass is coming to an end and the beer hasn’t come yet, we have a legit reason to complain.

Do you happen to know some fun facts about beer? Let us know them in the comments below.

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