10 Times The Internet Proved That Toddlers & Drunk Adults Are Basically The Same

Karishma Govil , 27 Aug 2018
Kids Eating Lollipops (Image Courtesy: Shutterstock)
Kids Eating Lollipops (Image Courtesy: Shutterstock)

Do you have kids or know someone who does? Aren’t they just the cutest little angels? Well, they really are until the sugar high kicks in and they’re not as sweet anymore. Have you ever noticed how when an adult is under the influence of alcohol, they behave like children? They’re needy, cranky and say things without a filter just like children. We’ve listed down a few similarities between drunk adults and kids that you might find funny but interesting. Here they are.

1. Music Makes Them Go Crazy

Ever noticed your friend who’s had one too many sangrias and now just wants the music to play louder and louder so that they can dance all night? That’s exactly how kids behave when they’ve had too many chocolates and now they just want to channelise that energy by dancing it off.

2. They Won’t Stop At One

A kid won’t stop eating after his first candy bar, and an adult won’t stop at their first drink.

3. They Wander Away

It’s tough to take care of kids if you’ve never done it before. But if you have, you’ll realise that kids just wander away. Whether it’s the park or the mall, if they find something attractive, they’ll start going towards it without realising where they’re going. Just like a person who has had many drinks and now forgets where they are and where they’re off to.

4. They’re Easily Distracted

Like I mentioned earlier, they easily get distracted, which is why they wander away sometimes. If you’re talking to an adult who is high, they might not listen to you for long as their attention span is as short as a bird’s. This is true even for kids. After a while, they just tune out and wanna do things on their own.

5. They’re Stubborn

Just like someone who’s had a lot to drink but won’t admit it, kids too, are extremely stubborn. If they wanna stay awake even if it’s late, they will. If they wanna eat something, they won’t take no for an answer.

6. They’re Loud

Kids and drunk adults get louder and louder by the hour. They don’t realise how loud they get until they get yelled at by the person who takes care of them.

7. They Cry. A Lot.

Just like you take away a person’s drink after they’ve had too much, a kid too will cry bloody murder till you give it back to them.

8. They Fall Down Often

Both children and drunk adults fall down often because they’re constantly losing their balance.

9. They’re Really Honest

Kids speak from their heart, they don’t have any inhibitions, and that makes them brutally honest. When an adult is drunk, their inhibitions are lowered too, and they say things they would never say sober.

10. They Get Really Hungry

After jumping around and dancing that much, kids and drunk adults get super hungry. They need to be fed and put to sleep immediately or else all hell breaks loose.

So, if you’ve been dealing with a drunk friend for a long time, chances are you’re ready to have kids. JK, kids are a lot of work, and they’re definitely a lot more adorable than drunk adults!

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