‘Big Fax’ By Rapper Anik Khan Is The Perfect Celebration Of Cultural Truths

‘Big Fax’ By Rapper Anik Khan Is The Perfect Celebration Of Cultural Truths

Atmaj Vyas

When it comes to music, I’m always on the lookout for new artists that are making waves or putting out amazing music. In the past, I’ve come across many hidden gems who are so on point with their music, that it’s surprising they aren’t mainstream yet. One such person who caught my eye recently is rapper Anik Khan from Queens. His unique take on topics related to culture and the wisdom he drops makes him super relatable and helps him stand out from the rest of them.

His new song, Big Fax, is one such example of his exceptional work. In it, he talks about modern politics and also throws back to the ’90s office culture. This is Khan’s newest work since his 2017 full-length EP, Kites, which he released independently to high acclaim, sold-out shows and a thriving fanbase. Big Fax launched through Artist Originals (AO), which is an initiative from the global streaming service, Saavn. This initiative aims to develop and distribute new music with independent artists from around the world.

With an energetic presence, thoughtful material and a passion for his roots, Khan is definitely a force to be reckoned with. The way he embraces the immigrant culture has not only captured attention in South Asia, but also the likes of Ebro Darden, Zane Lowe, and also Elton John. The music video of Big Fax is like a visual love letter to his Bengali roots and the ethnic diversity of Queens, NY. From eating with his hands, a decked-out rickshaw and even bangle-adorned women, he doesn’t shy away from keeping it real. In fact, the clothing used in the video is part of Khan’s own line of apparel that is both a fashion statement, as well as a cultural statement.

Talking about the song, Khan said:

I want people to see brown men in a different light – not only as only cab drivers and deli clerks. In the video, you see me as a boss who’s calling the shots with women protecting me, just as they have been all my life. And the best part is, we’re having a good time.

Honestly, I’m definitely going to keep an eye out for him. His approach and take on things are fresh, relevant and unique, all of which makes him something of a phenomenon. What were your thoughts about Big Fax? Let us know in the comments below.

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