Celebrities are often targets for some of the silliest rumours on the internet and this time it was Hrithik Roshan and Disha Patani who some websites found to spin stories on. Recently some websites had reported that Disha had walked out of a film because Hrithik had flirted with her. While Hrithik immediately rubbished the reports and called out the websites on Twitter, Disha too didn’t take it sitting down. Hrithik had lashed out at the publications saying that if they needed any more publicity to contact him directly. To another such report, he said they probably needed to go to the gym and exercise to take out all that garbage from their heads.

Check it out.

Disha also released an official statement about the issue and put the rumours to rest.

There is some childish and irresponsible gossip about Hrithik sir and me doing the rounds. I would like to say that it’s completely untrue and in the minimum interaction that I have had with him, he has been one of the most dignified and joyful people. It’s my regard for him as a person that is making me even respond to something this trivial. There is no truth in me walking out of any project with him.

Well, that should shut the rumour mills for a while.