Karan Johar Hints At Telling Alia Bhatt That Ranbir Kapoor Will Be The ‘Best Husband’

Karan Johar Hints At Telling Alia Bhatt That Ranbir Kapoor Will Be The ‘Best Husband’

Priyanka Parmar

Karan Johar is currently hosting the second season of his Radio show called, Calling Karan on 104.8 Ishq FM. The producer-director advises callers on love, sex and relationship problems. The show isn’t mushy in any way though, thanks to Karan’s sassy and witty advice. The show also has a special segment called, ‘Celeb Surprise’ where guest celebrities call in asking Karan for his advice in all matters pertaining to the heart.

The latest celebrity to do so was none other than, Ranbir Kapoor. The conversation between them was interesting, to say the least, and here’s how it went.

Ranbir asked Karan:

Agar ek relationship me aap ek galti karte ho, aur fir dobara woh galti karte ho (If you repeat the same mistake twice in a relationship). So, what is the right way to sort out that mistake?

To which Karan replied:

Then you should exit that relationship. Because there’s no way, you can make two mistakes, one after the other, without realising that something is actually wrong, Ranbir. So, I am sure, you know what I am talking about?

Seems like they’re discussing Ranbir’s past relationships, no?

Moving on to his current one Ranbir asked Karan if he had any advice for his girlfriend.

This was Karan’s eyebrow-raising, ‘Did he just say that?!’ evoking reply:

That you are the best husband in the world aur mene woh advice de diya hai, Ranbir (I’ve already given her that advice).

Ranbir recently admitted to dating his Brahmastra co-star, Alia Bhatt and it doesn’t take a genius to figure that Johar and RK are discussing Alia in their conversation!

We all know the close bond Karan and Alia share and seems like RK has a seal of approval from KJo! <3