Karan Tacker Looks Drool-Worthy In These Photos From Romania

Priyanka Parmar , 30 Aug 2018
Karan Tacker in Romania

Karan Tacker is one the most loved TV personalities in India. He has been a part of multiple prime-time soaps, hosted shows and basically impressed his fans in every way possible. He also often gives his fans fitness goals with his inspiring (read: drool-worthy) photos. While there are already many more reasons to spend your time thinking or day-dreaming about Karan, here’s one that will give you major travel goals too.

Scroll and drool fellow travel lovers.


We spoke to Karan about his love for travel which is basically every travel enthusiasts envy. Check out what he had to say:

1. How many locations have you travelled to so far?

I generally travel because of work, and on a work trip, you are always alone. So for my first solo trip, I travelled to London, and immediately fell in love. I have been to a few others as well. Oman, Muscat, Rome, Florence, Barcelona, New York are all I can think of at the moment.

2. Do you recommend travelling solo?

I recommend solo travelling simply because in life, in general, the most important thing is for you have to have a relationship with yourself. You have to find your own grounding, your own footing, your own personality. You have got to know what nervousness feels like in a city, where you don’t know anybody, you don’t know the language. It is going to be difficult to find your way around. I think it’s this nervousness that really excites me to explore a new city because I just feel so lost. And that whole idea of being lost is what makes you feel like you’ve found yourself in your own persona. That’s why I recommend everyone to travel solo because there is a charm you cannot explain and being that much more responsible for yourself in a foreign country makes you really independent emotionally. It makes you more mature.

3. Do you also travel to places in India?

I have travelled abroad alone but I also have explored India alone. I’ve been to Jaipur, Delhi, Udaipur, Indore, Calcutta by myself. The best thing about the job I am in is that it requires you to travel a lot. I always like to stay back a day or 2 depending on the city to really explore. I prefer to just walk and still around and I would stroll for at least 6-7 hours, taking breaks in cafes for food and drinks.

4. What is your favourite travel destination?

My most favourite city in the world is London. There is a whole colonial meets modern blend in London that feels so right. Also, the best part about London is that it’s a direct flight. The time difference isn’t much to prompt a jet lag. I love New York City, I had even thought of moving to New York for 3 months and doing a day job. There is a sense of electricity that New York rubs off on you and you just can’t miss out on that. So even after coming back to Mumbai from New York, you just feel like a different person. That place is so individualistic, there is so much space for every individual there. Nonetheless, my favourite place is London, the whole idea about the city being heritage, how the buildings and castles are, it really excites me.

There you have it, folks, Karan’s travel stories are enough to make you stop being a couch potato on the weekends and start planning your own trip. I may be projecting the whole couch potato thing. :D

Karan’s photos are absolutely drool-worthy and he looks hot AF in them, doesn’t he?

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