Karan Johar Would Have Married This Bollywood Actress If He Could

Karan Johar Would Have Married This Bollywood Actress If He Could

Pallavi Manoj

Karan Johar is known for his wit, sass and everything entertaining. He is one of the best talk show hosts we have in the country and is one tough cookie when it comes to coercing answers out of his guests. I love that Karan never holds back and almost always speaks his mind, which is what makes him so interesting, right? This time around, Karan will be seen in the hot seat, while designer Anaita Shroff Adjania will be seen playing the talk show host on her new show.

And as talk shows go, there were a lot of fun and may be controversial questions, but since the guest was Karan, he ain’t afraid of no question, right? His answers were as entertaining as ever. On being asked about his sex life, Karan revealed that he was undersexed and underpaid as well. Only Karan Johar can give answer like that, don’t you think?

Next, Anaita quizzed him about which actress he would marry if he could and Karan was quick to it would be his friend Kareena Kapoor Khan. Woa! Who knew right?

In Koffee With Karan Season 6, he had revealed that if there was one woman he ever fell in love with it was Twinkle Khanna. Looks like Karan changed his mind. But once again we have to give it to Kjo for being so spontaneous and candid.