Have you ever looked at the sheen of a freshly made dumpling and got so amazed by its glistening appearance? Yeah, me neither. It’s only been off late that I’ve started relating a person’s dewy and glowy skin to that of a dumpling—and that’s thanks to makeup artist, Nam Vo.

She started her career with the #dewydumpling makeup on Instagram, where she creates glowy looks with just a highlighter—giving you an insane urge to make appointment with your dermat that very second!

You can see how she sweeps a brush filled with powder or liquid highlighter across the cheeks resulting in a gorgeous look and a very satisfying video. This technique took to her many, many viewers and followers, which basically now makes her a highlighting legend… Or Mama Dewy Dumpling.

We all use highlighter from time-to-time, so what makes this technique so special? Well, in an interview with The Cut, she mentioned that the reason behind the extra-ness and bomb-diggity glow is skincare; “It really does starts with skin care. The better your skin is, the better the makeup is going to lay. I’m even working with a chef to create a dumpling that’s also good for your skin.”

She mentions in the interview that the best way to get a ‘dewy dumpling look’ is, “Instead of taking your foundation, use a tinted foundation and add a few highlighting drops into it to make your makeup luminous and glowy. You can also use a glowing primer.” She also suggests using a subtle highlighter instead of a setting powder.

Now, who wants to be dewy dumplings?