Dating has changed a lot from what it was in the past. Not only has the concept changed for many, there is a whole new lingo to be mastered as well. In today’s time, you could literally send just three words in a text and that could mean something completely different. You need to be aware of these words and types of people. So, to help you stay up-to-date so that you don’t have any #FOMO, here is a list of words that you need to add to your vocabulary, ASAP. Don’t worry, we’ve also explained what all of them mean!

1. Breadcrumbing

You know when you’re just flirting with someone but don’t really want anything serious? Well, that’s called breadcrumbing. It’s like you’re leaving a trail of breadcrumbs for someone to follow but you’re not really looking for more than just a casual flirting kind of thing.

2. Deep Liking

Pretty much all our lives are out there on social media. Also, you can pretty much get to know someone just by looking at the kind of stuff they post. At some point, we’ve all stalked someone on social media. When you actually like someone and scroll all the way back to their old posts and end up liking them, that’s called deep liking.

3. FBO

In today’s time of casual hook-ups and quick dating, making anything official is a pretty huge and serious move. Well, that’s just what FBO stands for. The full form of it is Facebook Official. When means making your relationship status known to the entire world.

4. Ghosting

When you’re dating someone or like someone and they suddenly disappear, without any explanation, is called being ghosted. It’s basically like they vanished into the thin air. Additionally, when they suddenly pop back up in your life, it’s called zombieing. Ghosting is like the worst thing possible because it leaves you in a weird limbo where you’re completely unsure as to WTF happened.

5. Haunting

When someone who has ghosted you randomly shows up and starts liking all your posts on social media, and even starts following you again, that phenomenon is known as haunting. It’s also one of the most pissing off things when you have to go through it.

6. Monkeying

Many people find it easy to hop from one relationship to another without any time in between. This is often referred to as monkeying because it’s exactly like a monkey swinging from tree to tree. No judgement though, to each their own we guess.

7. Non-Date, Date

A non-date kinda date is completely like what you’d expect from a date. The only difference being that no one actually said it was a date. So it’s like this weird middle ground where you’re flirting with each other but you’re really not sure what this thing is. Also, people in the friend zone know exactly what this feels like.

8. On A Thing

As we specified before, a lot of people are into the whole casual dating scene. Well, there’s actually a word for that. Back in the day, we’d usually say we were seeing someone but now, it’s called on a thing.

9. Slow-Fading

A slow-fade is like a gentleman’s way of ghosting. It’s not like a sudden disappearance. It’s like slowly cutting out a person from your life and then eventually ending all contact with them. It’s like a smooth transition and often times, you’ll never realise when it’s happening to you.

10. Thirst Trap

Well, this one is quite the controversial term. While it can sum up a lot of people on social media, there are also those who don’t realise they are thirst traps. Anyway, a thirst trap is a person who is seemingly talking about something else, while actually taking a picture of something completely unrelated. For example, a guy quoting something intense all while showing off his abs.

Have you come across these words? Let us know in the comments below which one is your favourite to use!

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