There is no denying that Will Smith is probably one of the coolest people in Hollywood. Not only is he a total badass, he’s also known to be a gem of a human. One of the best things about him is his philosophy to keep things real. This actually makes a lot of the stuff he says and does, super relatable. Despite his randomness and crazy energy, there is one thing that makes him who he is. We’re obviously talking about his skills! Proving once again just how talented he really is, this Youtube video is literally family vacation goals! Here’s a quick breakdown of all the craziness!

A Trek At Vulcano

Well, the first thought crosses your mind when you think about a family holiday probably isn’t a trek. Maybe it’s for that exact reason Will decided to do it. Along with him, his entire crew and also his kids, Jaden Smith and Willow Smith can be seen. The funniest part about this section of the video is his wise-cracks about the lady who was trailing at the back of the pack. To be honest, we found ourself totally invested in knowing what exactly they were up to. Also, can we just say real quick, Will is one really fit dude! While the others were literally breathless at the back, he was trooping on and remained just as energetic as he was in the start. Also, that reaction to the volcano is hilarious!

Scuba Diving At Lipari

Before they actually went diving, the whole group had a quick training. This is where we get to see the bond Will shares with his kids to the fullest. It was clear that Willow was out of her comfort zone for this one. The funniest part was that she thought her head was going to explode if the pressure became too much. Clearly Jaden was embarrassed but the part that had us gaging was the MIB reference. So clearly, Will is a great actor, director and even an editor. Also, that stare Will gave Jaden when he cracked the pilot whale joke was everything! By the end of it though, all was good and that dive literally gave us major #FOMO!

We know this little video has proven two things. The first being that Will has a lot of hidden talents and the second, he really knows how to plan a vacation! We’re clearly going to take a page from his book while planning our next vacay! So, what were your thoughts on the video? Let us know in the comments below.

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