Here’s Why You Need To Adopt, Not Shop!

Here’s Why You Need To Adopt, Not Shop!

Atmaj Vyas

It’s undeniable that getting a pet can be a life-changing experience. They bring joy and love beyond what you can imagine. While owning a pet is fun, it’s important to realise that it’s a commitment to another living being that you’re taking. It’s not something you can just decide to “not do” anymore. A lot of people out there think that it’s all too easy and then end up being unable to take care of these poor animals. These animals deserve a permanent and loving home too and for anyone who is looking to get a pet, we urge you to adopt! If you need a reason, we’ve got 5 compelling ones!

1. You Help Save  A Life

Adopting an animal is like giving them a second chance at their life. These animals, some of who’ve been lost, given-up and worst of all, abandoned, deserve to be happy and loved too. They have gone through a lot already and you can help them get their happy ever after in a loving home.

2. It’s The Best Way To Crack Down On Breeders

There are a lot of commercial pet-breeding facilities and many more backyard breeders. These horrible places “produce” a lot of animals that are then sold in pet stores and other places. These mills take cruelty to another level. The animals spend their lives being kept in cages without knowing what love or companionship is. The environment they live in and the fact that they are forced to produce litter upon litter is just unimaginable. When you adopt, you can help break this vicious cycle and cruel monopoly.

3. It Also Helps The Animal Shelter

Animal shelters are under a lot of burdens. Most times, they barely have enough funds to stay afloat and take care of the animals. When you adopt an animal, the amount you pay for the shelter can help them better their facilities and take care of the other animals there. It also makes room for more animals to be taken in which is always a good thing.

4. You Can Find The Perfect Match For You

An animal shelter is filled with lovely animals, all with their own individual personalities. You get to choose the perfect one that fits your personality. This is a good way to ensure that you get exactly what you’re looking for and the animal, get’s his forever home.

5. Help Spread The Message

When you adopt, you’re setting an example. It allows you to help educate others and show them that animals in a shelter are just as precious. It can help break the stigma and also starts a positive chain-reaction. Considering the number of animals that are abandoned every year and the fact that so many innocent animals are put down, spreading the message matters now more than ever.

A lot of animals need a forever home! Start spreading the message and help these little cuties get the love and home they deserve. Remember, #AdoptDontShop!

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